Bracing in Adults

A new and innovative approach to spinal treatment in adults targets pain relief by providing postural rehabilitation and spinal offloading. Scoliosis in adults is typically the result of either having the disease as a child which has progressed to adulthood, or from the degenerative processes of abnormal aging. The scoliosis can be of any classification ( lumbar, thoracic, thoracolumbar, etc) and can result in chronic pain, leg discomfort, digestive, and lung complications.

Adults with Scoliosis are now being successfully treated with the SpineCor Dynamic Scoliosis Brace. The goal of treatment in not to correct the adult scoliosis, as that is not possible with a brace, but rather to help support the spine and alleviate pain.

The new SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace is a neuro-muscular-skeletal rehabilitation tool for treating abnormal spinal loading and abnormal posture; it is not a simple back support brace.

      A recent presentation in Athens, Greece (see article here) has shown that use of the SpineCor brace in adults has been very successful in helping adults with chronic pain from scoliosis.

The process of bracing in adults is similar to bracing children only the goal is support and cessation of chronic pain. The reason bracing in adults is so effective is that the SpineCor dynamic corrective brace is providing the spine with support but it doesn't limit the movement of the spine therefore the muscles along the spine are strengthened. This allows for better natural support of the spine and less pain.

Case Study / Patient B

26 year old female with a painful adolescent idiopathic

scoliosis as an adult (ASA1). Her pain prior to

SpineCor treatment was rated as an average daily

pain of 7/10. Using the SpineCor Pain Relief Back

Brace, daily 8 to 12 hours for 3 months, she had a

gradual relief of her pain to an average 2/10. The

initial x-ray shows a 32o right thoracic scoliosis. In

the SpineCor Pain Relief Brace 1 month after fitting

the x-ray shows an improvement of 8o to 24o. Her

pain relief of 1-2/10 and spinal correction have been

maintained for over 2 years by using the SpineCor.

Pain Relief Brace on an occasional basis.

Most adults with scoliosis that have chronic pain, seek the care of Doctors of Chiropractic or physical therapists. Most of these people respond well to their care and at the end have less pain. However, when the care ends and the patient is left on their own, inevitably they forget to continue their exercises and their pain returns. With the SpineCor brace the brace is the exercise and when it's on it keeps the spine supported and strong so you never forget to do your exercises because you're wearing them. Typically adults will wear the brace initially about 18 hours per day. But as the spine strengthens the brace is worn less. Eventually the brace is worn as needed during times where the person feels they need more help during a certain activity.

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